PovClipse is an eclipse editor plug-in for the Povray (Persistence of Vision) and MegaPOV raytracers.

For the complete list of features check the Description page at the site menu.

Development Status

The current version is 1.0.1, which is a pure maintenance release for the 1.0.0 version.

As there is no such thing as a bug-free software, please use the bug tracking mechanism to report any bug you find.

Unknown bugs can not be fixed!

Thanks a lot!

Bug and request tracking

Please use the Bug and request tracking system to report bugs or request support or new features!

A forum is available as well for open discussions.

Reinforcement wanted!

If you want to help developing PovClipse you are warmly welcome!

Please see the Team reinforcement page for more details.


As you probably know, developing high-quality applications takes much time and resources.
Your donation will make it possible to keep up the current development standard.
PovClipse is provided for free, all the work is done in spare time.

If you appreciate PovClipse, please consider making a donation to the project:
Support This Project

10% of the donations I reveive will be donated once a year to a charitable organization by the christmas time.

The receiver 2008 is to be announced, I did not make a decision yet.


2008-Jan-01: Charitable donation 2007
The receiver of the 2007 charitable organization donation was SOS-Kinderdorf International - Austria. The 10% of the PovClipse donations (EUR 3,05) were upgraded to 5,00 EUR and donated to the project SOS-Kinderdorf "Rechberg".
Thanks Vaclav for your donation to PovClipse!

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