PovClipse tutorial part 1: setting up a PovClipse Project and scene file

This tutorial shows how to work with PovClipse. Before you start, make sure you meet the requirements:

  • Eclipse 3.2 or later
  • Java 5.0 or later, Java 1.4.x is ***NOT*** supported!

Creating a new PovClipse Project

  • If the PovClipse perspective is not activated select it: from the eclipse menu choose Window -> Open Perspective, select Other... and PovClipse.
    The eclipse workbech will be layouted according to the PovClipse perspective.
  • Open the "New Project" wizard by selecting "File" -> "New" -> "Project".
  • Select "PovClipse" -> "PovClipse Project" from the list.
    Open the Povray project wizard
  • Use "TutorialProject" as project name and select the workspace to be used (or leave the default one).
    Project name
  • Press the "Next" button. If there is already a project in your workspace the Project References page is shown, otherwise this page is skiped. For this tutorial you do not need to select any referencing project.
    Project name
  • Press the "Next" button to get to the project layout page. Project name
    Make sure you have the "Create PovClipse project layout" checkbox selected. Leave the default folder values.
  • Press the "Finish" button to create your new PovClipse project.

Setting up the project properties

  • Open the "Project Properties page" by right-click on your "TutorialProject", select "Properties" and click on the "PovClipse Properties" item:
    PovClipse Project Properties
  • Notice the entries having a blueish background at the "Library Path" tab:

    These are the default entries, they can not be deleted.

    All the entries on this tab are included in the Povray library path, thus every file within these folders can be referenced without specifying the folder name.

    Just add more folders if necessary.

Creating a new Povray scene file

  • Create a new Povray SDL scene file using the menu: "File" -> "New" -> "Povray SDL file (.pov, .inc)".

    This shortcut only appears if you have activated the PovClipse perspective!
    You will find the very same menu entry within the groups "File" -> "New" -> "Other" -> "PovClipse" and "General".

    New SDL file menu

    Use the activated wizard to specify the Povray SDL file name: New Povray SDL file
    Make sure you select the "scene" folder in your "TutorialProject" project and use "tutorial.pov" as file name. Press the "Finish" button to create the file.
  • Write your Povray scene file.
    For this tutorial you can copy and paste the following code into your "tutorial.pov" file. It is the official Povray Logo, using the Pink_Granite texure:
  • Save the scene file using the "Save" button Save Button.

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