Team reinforcement

The PovClipse team is looking for reinforcement!
If you want to help developing PovClipse you are warmly welcome!

Please get in contact with:
EmailWolfgang Möstl, wmoestl[AT]

Please make sure you have the word "PovClipse" in the subject line, otherwise the spam filter might declare your mail as spam.

The following areas are looking for your support:


Job Description

PovClipse is developed on a Windows platform, and is therefore tested on Windows. PovClipse needs testers being concerned with testing non-Windows Operating Systems like UNIX, Linux or Mac OS X.

The only reason why PovClipse does not officially support the Operating Systems above is that there is no one testing PovClipse on them.
If you want PovClipse to support one of these OS please consider joining the team as tester!


  • Testing PovClipse on one or more of these Operating Systems:
    • Linux (Fedora, RedHat, Ubuntu, SuSE, Gentoo...)
    • UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX...)
    • Mac OS X
  • Report the bugs found
  • Document specialties and common pitfalls found on these Operating Systems in the end-user documentation and the FAQ (this requires some basic HTML knowledge)
  • Asset: if you're a Java developer fixing of the OS related bugs


  • Experienced with at least one of the OS mentioned above
  • Some experience with Povray or MegaPOV
  • Some experience with HTML
  • English (it's the project language)
  • Asset: Java developer experienced with:
    • Eclipse IDE
    • Eclipse PDE (Plugin development)


PovClipse has plenty of room for new features to be added. At the current PovClipse is developed by a single person in spare time. Developers joining the team can greatly push PovClipse forward in the direction of a full-featured IDE for Povray SDL.

Job Description

You will develop new or enhance existing features, coordinated by the project manager.
Fixing bugs is part of the job as well as writing or updating the documentation for the features implemented or changed.


  • Development of new features
  • Improvement of existing features
  • Testing of features, regardless whether they are written by you or somebody else
  • Writing the end-user documentation for the feature developed


  • Experienced Java developer
  • Some experience with the Eclipse IDE
  • Some experience in Eclipse PDE (plugin development) is desirable
  • Some experience with HTML for documentation writing
  • English (it is the project language)


PovClipse is written with paying attention to internationalization. Introducing a new language is as simple as translating all property files holding the user interface messages and labels.

Job Description

Translation of the user interface messages and labels.

Please note that translation is an ongoing process, not a one-time activity!
When a new PovClipse version is about to be released the messages and labels being introduced by the new version have to be translated!


  • Translation of all user interface messages and labels
  • Holding the translation synchronized (this means translating the new messages introduced by a new PovClipse release).


  • Native speaker in the language you want to contribute
  • English, as you will receive the messages and labels to be translated in English


PovClipse comes with an end-user documentation. As this is written by a non-native English speaker the complete documentation should be reviewed and the flaws eliminated.
There is also plenty of room for documentation improvements, both in term of content and style.

Job Description

Review the end-user documentation and improve it.

Please note that documenting is an ongoing process, not a one-time activity!


  • Review the existing documentation and eliminate flaws
  • Improve the existing documentation
  • Style the documentation using CSS


  • English native speaker
  • Basic HTML knowledge
  • Experience with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

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