Project management

A project is the center piece when creating a new Povray image. It contains all files necessary to render a scene. In particular this is:

  • The Povray DSL scene description file(s)
  • Any required include and library file
  • Any other resources like images, fonts or other data files
  • Project settings like the Povray library path consisting of:
    • None removable default entries for:
      • The Povray / MegaPOV standard libraries
      • The project folder itself
    • Editable entries for:
      • Referenced projects
      • Custom folders
  • A required folder .metadata holding:
    • Render configuration (*.render) files
    • Povray *.ini files created from the render configurations when rendering a scene
    • The file containing the non-default project settings mentioned above
    • The Povray console output files (povray_console_*.txt) after Povray has finished a rendering. These files are overwritten each time Povray finishes a rendering.

    Please note that this .metadata folder is not shown by the Navigation view as one shall not manipulate this folder and it contents!

Project functionalities

Projects management includes:

Navigator view PovClipse Project indicator

PovClipse projects are indicated by the tiny Povray logo annotation at the Navigator view's project folder:

  • Povray project Povray project
  • Not a Povray project Not a Povray project

Use the context menu to convert a non-Povray project into a Povray one:
Right click on the non-Povray project and select "Add PovClipse project nature".

If you want to convert a PovClipse project into a non-Povray one there is an other context menu entry:
Right click on the Povray project and select "Remove PovClipse project nature".

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