Project import

Projects having been exported using the PovClipse Project export wizard (see Project export) can be imported into your current workspace.

Importing projects

A wizard is used to import a PovClipse project:

  • Bring up the context menu (right-click) in the "Project explorer" view (or use the menu: File -> import).
  • Select "Import..."
  • A selection dialog comes up asking for the import wizard to be used:
    import wizard selection
    Select "Other / PovClipse Project" and hit the "Next" button.
  • The next page offers the import options:
    Import options

    From the top:

    • Use the "Select root directory" option if you want to import a PovClipse project from the file system (e.g. from an other Eclipse workspace). Use the "Browse" button to browse for the root directory.
    • Use the "Select archive file" option if you want to import from a previously exported archive. Use the "Browse" button to browse for the archive file.
    • If you have selected a valid root directory or archive file the Projects living in that root directory or archive file are shown at the "Projects" list.

      Note: Only valid projects (that are the ones having a valid .project file) and project not being already in the workspace are shown. If you have already a project named "LensEffectsImp" in your workspace this entry would not show up in the example above.

    • The "Copy projects into workspace" checkbox is only active if you import from a root directory. If checked a physical copy of the selected projects is put into your workspace. If unchecked the files are not imported into your workspace folder, the projects will be linked instead. The projects are considered part of your workspace in this case, but they are stored somewhere else.
  • Press "Finish" button to import the selected projects.

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