Project creation

Calling the PovClipse Project wizard

Open the "New Project" wizard by selecting "File" -> "New" -> "Project"

Select "PovClipse" -> "PovClipse Project" from the list.
Open the project wizard

Name your project

Specify your project name and select the workspace to be used (or leave the default one):
Project wizard details

Press the "Next" button to go to the next page or the "Finish" button to create the project and use default values for the rest of the wizard.

Referencing projects

If there is already a project in your workspace the Project References page is shown, otherwise this page is skipped.
Selecting referenced projects

For each selected referenced project the following folders are added to the Povray library path as non-removable default entries:

Press the "Next" button to get to the project layout page or the "Finish" button to create the project and use default values for the project layout.

Project layout

The project layout defines a useful structure where to place the different kinds of source files like Povray SDL files (*.pov), include or library files (*.inc, *.lib), Fonts, heightfield data, bump maps, texture images and so on.

It's highly recommended to utilize a meaningful folder layout structure in order to have maintainable projects, allowing easy orientation within the project, even if you had a look in it years ago.

Project layout
Please see the help chapter
Project properties - Project layout for detailed information on this wizard page.

Press the "Finish" button to create your new PovClipse project.

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