PovClipse Help

Online Help for using the PovClipse plugin.

  • Description section is a brief desription of all PovClipse features.
  • Compatibility section lists the supportes operating systems, Java- and Eclipse versions.
  • Internationalization section lists the supportes languages and describes how to use them.
  • PovClipse Perspective section describs the PovClipse perspective and how to use it.
  • Editor section describs the PovClipse editor features and how to use them.
  • Preference section describes how to set up and personalize PovClipse.

    Note: You have to set the Povray executeable path here ihn order to use the rendering functionality!

  • Povray Launcher section describs how to setup and use Povray launcher configurations.
  • Povclipse Image View section describs how to display images and the Image View functionallities.
  • License section shows the text of the GNU General Public License, under which PovClipse is distributed.
  • History section lists the changes from one PovClipse version to the next one.
  • Development Outlook section lists planed future features.
  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions
  • Forum, Bug and request tracking section provides links to the PovClipse bug, support and feature request system.
  • Tutorial section tells you how to use PovClipse using a short example.
  • Installation section describes how to install PovClipse.
  • Credits section gives credits to the people owning it.


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