PovClipse Perspective

Eclipse uses the concept of perspectives. A perspective defines how views are layouted within the eclipse window: which views are drawn where and how big on the screen.

PovClipse perspective

The PovClipse perspective can be activated using the eclipse menu:
Select Window => Open Perspective, select Other followed by PovClipse.

The eclipse workbench will be layouted in following way if the PovClipse perspective is active:

  • The window middle is reserved for the editors.
  • The top left side shows the Navigator, allowing browsing your projects.
  • The bottom left side shows the PovClipse image view, where rendered images will be displayed.
  • The right side shows the Outline view for the active editor.
  • At the bottom the Render and Problem views are shown. The Render view displays the output messages generated by Povray while the Problem view shows the dedected Povray SDL errors and warnings.

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