PovClipse logo challenge

PovClipse still lacks a highly recognizable logo making it uniquely identifiable.

The goal of this challenge is to let PovClipse have an official logo by the 1.0.0 version, being probably released summer this year.

Challenge process

All logos sent in will be shown at the Gallery and voting page along with the authors name and description (see the requirement below).

After challenge closing a voting mechanism is activated. The voting will be open to the public from 2007-Aug-01 00:00:00 GMT to 2007-Aug-28 23:59:59 GMT allowing to vote for the best logo.

The PovClipse logo will be picked from the top 3 voted logos.

Winner's trophy

  • The trophy for the winner is the honor of having created the official PovClipse logo.
    Sorry, but as PovClipse is a non-commercial project no money or goods can be given as price.
  • The winner is given honor on the PovClipse credit page.

Challenge details and requirements

Submission period 2007-May-01 to 2007-Jul-26
Voting period 2007-Aug-01 00:00:00 GMT to 2007-Aug-28 23:59:59 GMT
Required logo sizes The logo width(s) can be chosen by you, with the 16 pixel type being an exception.
However, ALL of the following fixed-size height images have to be sent in:
  • height 16 pixel, width 16 pixel
  • height 32 pixel, width is up to you
  • height 48 pixel, width is up to you
  • height 96 pixel, width is up to you
  • Freeform, any weight and width allowed. This one is optional.

    Please note that the freeform image might be shrinked to a suiteable size by the PovClipse team if it is too big to be displayed on the gallery.

Image format Please send in PNG or JPEG images only!
An alpha transparency layer may be used.
Logo design The PovClipse logo should incorporate the following themes:
  • Povray: The Povray logo or parts of it should be depicted.
  • Eclipse: The Eclipse logo or something being recognizable as an eclipse (solar, lunar...) should be depicted.
This is not a strict requirement, consider it a hint.
Tool usage You might use any (Hard- or Software) tool you wish.
However, creating the logos using PovClipse, Povray or MegaPOV would be an asset.
Submission Create a ZIP, RAR or TAR archive including the following:
  • The images in all sizes requested above.
  • A text file (plain ASCII *.txt) written entirely in English containing:
    • A description of your logo and what it stands for. Please limit yourself to 100 words maximum, otherwise your text will be shortened.
    • Your name and email address.
      The email address will never be given away or made available to the public (e.g. display at this site). It is requested in order to get in contact with you if there are open questions.
    • The complete list of tools used to create the images.
    • A statement that you omit any rights preserved for the files you sent in (e.g. images and SDL code).
    • You have to ensure that you have the appropriate rights to your submissions. Do NOT copy or modify images created by others without first obtaining rights to those images. If you do have the rights to modify an existing image, please include a reference to the original image and a declaration of the rights to copy the image in your submission.

  • If the logo was created using PovClipse / Povray / MegaPOV / MegaPOV XRS the full set of scene (SDL) and include files (do not forget images and fonts if necessary) along with an INI file for rendering. If you use PovClipse you will find the INI file in the .metadata directory of your project.
    It has to be possible to render the scene using the files you provide!
Email the ZIP (or RAR, TAR) to:
wmoestl[AT]web.de (change "[AT]" to "@")

Please make sure you have the word "PovClipse" in the subject line, otherwise my spam filter might declare your mail as spam.

License By taking part of this challenge you omit all rights preserved on the images and SDL code you sent in.
Please take the note on rights to modify existing images above in consideration as well!

Happy coding, painting, photographing, scanning, sculpting, building, posing... !

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