Render Messages View

The Render Messages View is used for displaying the output generated by Povray or MegaPOV when rendering an image. Depending on the PovClipse preference settings this view can be automatically shown when Povray or MegaPOV has finished the rendering process.

Render View

Depending on your preference settings for Show XXX console the Povray console outputs are shown in the Render View. Each console has a background color of its own, and the console type is displayed at the second table column.

"Goto line" shortcut

If the message text referes to a file (that is, the message has a pattern of "File: <FILENAME> Line: <linenumber>") the very first column shows a magnifier icon.
If you click on such a line the referenced file is shown and the cursor is put in front of the indicated line. A tooltip indicates this functionality in marked rows as well.

This is useful for jumping directly to the error line indicated by Povray.

Message filtering

The Trashcan icon clears the Render View manually. Each Povray launch clears it automatically, showing only the output from the actual rendering.

The buttons right to the trashcan can be used to show or hide the coresponding Povray console (Render, Statistic, Fatal, Warning or Debug console).
These buttons are only present if the corresponding console is enabled (see PovClipse preference page).

Unfortunately Povray has no console for rendering progress, so PovClipse does not have the possibility to show the rendering process.

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