Povray render settings dialog

This dialog is used for setting up render configurations.
A render configuration specifies all the available render options for Povray or MegaPOV: which file to render, image size, animation and quality settings, shell-out options and so on.

Render Configuration

The dialog is splitted into two parts:

  • On the left is the render configuration management section allowing to create, copy or delete render configurations or templates.
  • On the right side the details of the selected render configuration are shown.
    This area remains blank if no render configuration or template is selected!

The left side shows two trees:

  • The upper one shows existing render configurations.
    The render configurations are structured by their projects, allowing to collapse projects not beeing of interrest.

    Please note that render configurations are shown only for opened projects, but not for closed ones!

  • The lower one shows the render configuration templates

Context menu

Both trees offer the basic functionality of creating, removing and duplicating render configuration (or templates) using the context menu (right-click).
Render configuration tree

Selecting a configuration or template shows the details in the right side of the configuration dialog.


  • The "Apply" button saves the configuration, but does not render the configured Povray scene file.
  • The "Save as template" button creates a template from the currently edited render configuration. The dialog remains open, no rendering is started.
  • The "OK" button saves the configuration and closes the settings dialog. If the render configuration being edited is not a template it will be automatically rendered.
  • The "Cancel" button closes the dialog, neither will be edited render configuration be saved, nor rendered.

Render configuration templates

Render configuration templates are used to create a common set of Povray / MegaPOV options to be used by newly created render configurations.

Please note that templates do not have the fields for the scene- and image output file!

The templates are managed using the lower tree:
Render configuration template tree

As with the render configuration tree above, the context menu is used to manage the list of available templates.

Please note that the "New" menu item creates a new template instead of a new render configuration.

Creating render configuration templates

Templates for render configuration can be created by the following means:

  • Use the context menu item "New" in the Render configuration templates tree.
  • Select a template in the Render configuration templates tree and duplicate it using the context menu.
  • Select a render configuration in the Render configurations tree and select "Save as template" in the context menu.
  • Select a render configuration in the Render configurations tree and use the "Save as template" button.

    Please note that this button is only active for non-template render configurations!

Creating a render configuration from a template

In order to create a new render configuration from a template select the template to be used in the Render configuration templates tree and select the "Create configuration" context menu item.

A popup dialog asks for the name of the new render configuration. Enter the name and confirm the dialog. The new render configuration will appear in the render configuration tree and its details are shown.

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