Renderer launcher

PovClipse can launch the configured renderer (e.g. Povray, MegaPOV) to render the Povray scene file you are working on. The menu bar "Povray launcher" item is used to setup and launch Povray:

Povray Launcher

Clicking on the image re-runs the last used launcher. If there was no rendering yet nothing happens.

The little black triangle expands the launcher, showing the list of all known launcher settings. Selecting one of them runs Povray using the selected launcher setting.

Povray Launcher expanded

Selecting the "Render ..." entry brings up the Povray Render settings dialog.

Eclipse project refreshing

After a Povray run completes the eclipse project the rendered file resides into is automatically refreshed in order to display the rendered file.

If the rendered file is written to a different project this one is refreshed as well.

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