Supported Languages

PovClipse speaks the following languages (ordered alphabetically):

  •  English (US): American style English, the default language
  •  English (GB): Great Britain style English
  •  French
  •  German
  •  Portuguese
  •  Spanish

Switching between languages

Eclipse is using the default language of your desktop environment by default, and so does PovClipse. If your default language is not supported by PovClipse, or an unsupported language is requested, US English is used.

You can switch the language by using the eclipse "-nl" command line option when starting eclipse.
The syntax is:

eclipse.exe [-nl LANGUAGE[_LOCATION]]


eclipse.exe -nl enUses American English
eclipse.exe -nl en_GBUses Great Britain English
eclipse.exe -nl jaUses American English because Japanese is not supported

Please see the eclipse article " Teach Your Eclipse to Speak the Local Lingo", chapter "Launching Eclipse in a Different Language", for more detailed information how to start eclipse in a specific language.

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