Installation instruction

As PovClipse is a plugin for eclipse you have to have an eclipse installation prior to install PovClipse.

  • If you do not have eclipse installed, download it at the eclipse download page.
    The required minimal eclipse is the "Platform Runtime Binary", version 3.2.
    The Eclipse SDK version 3.2 is supported as well.
PovClipse is installed using the standard eclipse software update feature. Use the URL for the update site configuration.

If you are not familiar with the eclipse software update system continue reading, the following is a step-by-step instruction how to install PovClipse.

  • Open the eclipse update site manager. Select from the menu help -> Software updates -> Find and Install
    Find and Install
  • Select Search for new Features to install:
    Seach for new Features to install
  • Click the New Remote Site button
    If you want to test PovClipse using a non-supported OS uncheck the "Ignore features not applicable to this environment" box.
    List of Updatesites
  • Enter PovClipse Updatesite for the name, for the URL and press the OK button:
    PovClipse Updatesite details
  • Note: If you get an error message make sure you have configured your Proxy Server (if necessary) using the Eclipse Preferences: Window -> Preferences -> Install/Update: Proxy settings

  • The list contains now out new PovClipse Updatesite. Make sure our PovClipse Updatesite is checked and press the Finish button.
    List of Updatesites
  • Open the search tree down to the List of features, select them and press the Next button.
    • PovClipse Feature x.x.x: This is PovClipse itself, installation is obligatory!
    • PovrayDocs 3.6 Feature x.x.x: This is the Povray 3.6 HTML documentation. Install it if you want to browse the documentation or use the "Open Povray documentation by keyword" (Shift+F2) feature.
    • MegaPOVDocs 1.2.1 Feature x.x.x: This is the MegaPOV 1.2.1 HTML documentation. Install it if you want to browse the documentation or use the "Open MegaPOV documentation by keyword" (Shift+F2) feature.
    Select the feature to install
  • Accept the shown license and press the Next button.
    List of Updatesites
  • Press the Finish button (and change the installation location if necessary).
    Installation location
  • If the "Feature Verification" window pops up click the Install All button.
    Feature Verification
  • Restart the workbench by clicking the Yes button.
    Workbench Restart
  • That's it! Use the same procedure (beginning with searching the defined Update Sites) regularly to update PovClipse to a newer version.
  • Note: Use the Eclipse "Automatic Update" Property if you want to be automatically notified when a new PovClipse version is available:
    Preferences -> Install/Update -> Automatic Updates and check the "Automatically find new updates and notify me" item.

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