PovClipse 1.0.1 (2007-Nov-03)

  • Render Messages View:
    • Clicking on a line having a magnifier icon opens the file mentioned in the text and moves the cursor to the indicated line.
      This allows jumping directly to the error line indicated by Povray.
  • Editor performance:
    • Refreshing the Outline view after file changes tended to be very slow for big files. A massive performance increase for this part could be accomplished.
  • Outline View: New entry types:
    • #switch
    • #while
    • #fopen
    • #fclose
    • #read
    • #write
  • Bug fixes:
    • Outline view messed-up hierarchy levels if the characters ' or " were used within comments.
    • Corrected some typos in the English translation

PovClipse 1.0.0 (2007-Sep-16)

  • New official PovClipse Logo: The Povclipse Logo challenge was won by Sebastian Sanabria Diaz, his logo submission is used as the official PovClipse logo.
  • Project managment: Project managment includes now:
    • Project creation wizard including project folder layout management
    • Export of projects into an ZIP / TAR / TGZ archive
    • Import of projects from an ZIP / TAR / TGZ archive
    • Povray default library path contains the scene- and include project layout folder
  • Render configurations:
    • Partial renderings can now be specified using Pixel or percentage values, previously only percentages were supported.
  • Outline View: New entry types:
    • #if
    • #ifdef
    • #ifndef
  • Bug fixes:
    • Render configuration image tab: Label "End row:" in group "Partial Output" was "End column:"
    • Render configuration partial output options were interpreted as pixel instead of percentages.
    • Bug 1745493: declarations with trailing tabs are recognized now
    • Bug 1779425: Declare statement containing a in a string declaration embedded semi-colon does not fail anymore.
    • The syntax check for variables does not mark the variables in #ifdef(VARIABLE) and #ifndef(VARIABLE) statements as uknown declarations anymore.
    • If a variable is brought in by a #ifdef(VARIABLE) statement its usage does not create the "Unknown variable" error marks anymore.
    • The "Render Jobs View" displayed an wrong duration in the hour part for finished rendering jobs.

PovClipse 0.7.2 (2007-Jun-25)

  • Preferences:
    • New settings for changing the default Povray and MegaPOV include folder (Linux and Mac users will love this option ;-)).
    • New settings for configuring performance optimization caches
  • Performance: optimized the PovClipse performance quite a bit
  • Internationalization: PovClipse speaks the following new languages:
    • Portuguese
  • Logging: The log level threshold of the PovClipse logfile can be changed by using the command line parameter povclipse.loglevel followed by the threshold when starting eclipse.
    The supported thresholds are FATAL, WARN, INFO (default), DEBUG and TRACE.
    Please note that the level DEBUG makes PovClipse very low and TRACE makes it nearly unusable slow. These levels are for bug finding only!
  • Bug fixes:
    • Includes can now be relative to the edited file (was relative to the project)
    • The folder of the rendered POV file is automatically added to the library path when rendering the scene
    • Autosave dialog did not store the choice permanently if checkbox was set.

PovClipse 0.7.1 (2007-Apr-27)

  • Editor: "Auto save" for dirty editors, configurable using the PovClipse preferences.
  • Image View: Support for all image types generated by Povray or MegaPOV. The following formats are supported now as well:
    • Targa-24 (either with or without alpha channel) generated by Povray.
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR) generated by MegaPOV.
  • Render configuration templates:
    Render configurations can be created using customizable templates.
  • Render configurations:
    • Configurations within closed projects are not shown anymore. Neither in the launcher list, nor in the render configuration settings list.
    • Configurations are shown by project in the render configuration settings list.
  • PovClipse project nature: The folder images for PovClipse projects are decorated with a Povray logo.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Render configuration:
      • The Animation fields "Field Renderer" and "Odd Field" were not stored.
      • The Animation options were not written to the INI file.
      • The Partial Output settings were interpreted as pixel instead of percentage values.
    • Color map editor
      • The color keyword is now optional as specified by the Povray SDL.

PovClipse 0.7.0 (2007-Mar-30)

  • PovClipse Help: Improved table of content for the PovClipse eclipse help.
  • MegaPOV Help: The update site offers the new PovClipse feature "MegaPOVDocs 1.2.1 Feature", which gives access to the complete MegaPOV documentation using the eclipse help system.
  • Povray Help: documentation can be directly navigated by chapters.
  • Render settings: Links into the PovClipse / Povray / MegaPOV help (if installed) for all settings.
  • Startup action - version check: The PovClipse preferences offers independent version check settings for all 3 plugins:
    • PovClipse
    • Povray 3.6 Documentation
    • MegaPOV 1.2.1 Documentation
  • Outline View:
    • The Outline view shows the details of an entry using a tree structure.
    • The Outline tree can be completely collapsed or expanded at once.
    • The Outline tree content can be filtered
    • New entry types:
      • texture related: texture, pigment, normal, warp, interior_texture
      • maps: color_map, pigment_map, image_map, slope_map, normal_map, bump_map, density_map
      • finish related: finish, density, irid
      • interior related: interior, media, scattering, density, photons
      • CSG related: clipped_by, bounded_by
  • Preferences: Option to activate a configurable view when rendering completes:
    • Render Messages View
    • Render Jobs View
    • Do not change the active view
  • Preferences: The Povray "Fatal" console can not be deactivated anymore.
  • Bug fix: Opening the documentation using Shift+F2 works now for language directives (starting with "#").
  • Bug fix: The project's library path entry was not correct if the project does not use the default locoation.

PovClipse 0.6.3 (2007-Feb-24)

  • Editor: Support for MegaPOV (keywords, using as renderer)
  • Editor: The direct color editor can be used to create a new color statement.
  • Editor: The color_map editor can be used to create a new color_map statement.
  • Editor: Hovering over a rgb[f|t|ft] statement displays the color in the hover window.
  • Editor: Hovering over a color_map statement displays the color_map in the hover window.
  • Editor: Syntax checks displaying error or warning symbols for:
    • Include files (error displayed if file can not be found)
    • Variable names (error displayed for not known words)
    • Macro documentation (warning displayed if a macro has no comment)
  • Editor auto-typing: Brace auto-typing ('}') behaves much more like the one done in the Eclipse Java editor.
  • Preferences: The syntax checks above can be turned on and off.
  • Preferences: New color settings for declared variables, macro names and macro interface parameter.
  • Direct color editor: The color display is updated while typing the filter and transmit values.
  • Render settings: The "Image" tab knows how to preserve the image size ratio when changing either the width or height value.
  • PovClipse perspective: The PovClipse perspective includes the # Problem View and Render Jobs View.
  • Render Jobs View: New view displaying all render jobs. A running job can be killed.
  • Bugfix: Some minor bug fixes in the render settings dialog.
  • Bugfix: Some minor bug fixes in the Render Launcher.
  • Bugfix: Syntax highlighting works for Strings with escaped double quotes.
  • Internationalization: PovClipse speaks the following new languages:
    • Spanish
    • French
  • Render Configurations: Choice option for Povray vs. MegaPOV usage.
  • Render Configurations: Support for MegaPOV options:
    • HDR image type
    • Frame steps
  • Render Configurations: The field "Other options" is moved to the tab "Command line parameters".
  • Render Configurations: New tab "Command line parameters" for additional command line parameters (needed by patched Povray versions).
  • Render Configurations: Previously a single "scene.ini" was generated per project, now the INI file is created per render configuration and is named like the scene file being rendered and stored at the ".metadata" folder.
  • Rendering: After a Povray run completes the project is automatically refreshed in order to display the generated file.
  • Documentation: New FAQ section.

PovClipse 0.6.2 (2007-Jan-21)

  • Java: Java 6 (AKA "Mustang") is supported.
  • Povray documentation: the update site offers the new PovClipse feature "PovrayDocs 3.6 Feature", which gives access to the complete Povray documentation using the eclipse help system.
  • Editor: if the word below the cursor is listed on the Povray documentation index page Shift+F2 opens the Povray help at the corresponding page.
  • Editor: Holding the Ctrl key activates hypertext on:
    • include file name (opens an editor showing the included file)
    • macro name (opens an editor showing the #macro code)
    • declaration name (opens an editor showing the #declare code.)
  • Editor: information hovers does not receive the focus anymore.
  • Editor: information hover on declared names.
  • Bugfix: syntax highlighting for macro information hovers.
  • Editor include information hover:
    • include information hover activates over the file name as well.
    • include information hover works on commented lines as well.

PovClipse 0.6.1 (2006-Dec-21)

  • Outline view: the outline shows macros names.
  • Code assistant: the completion proposals contain macro names as well.
  • Code assistant: if the list of completion proposals contains only a single match it's automatically chosen, configurable using the PovClipse preference page.
  • Color editor: the transmit and filter values can be edited using a text field and are not restricted between 0.0 and 1.0 anymore.
  • Color editor: the transmit and filter values are shown using a background pattern.
  • color_map editor: filter and transmit values are shown using a background pattern.
  • Editor preferences: All auto-typing features can be turned off individually.
  • Editor: The color and color_map editors can be opened using the popup menu.
  • Editor: hover on a declaration or macro name to display the comment.
  • Editor: code-folding hover shows content syntax highlighted.
  • Editor: new hover on 'include' keywords shows the declarations and macros defined by the included file.
  • Editor: all hovers can be given the focus using 'F2'.
  • Render View: The output for all Povray consoles can be disabled directly at the view.
  • Startup action - version check: PovClipse performs a check if there is a new version available at startup. This feature can be turned off at the PovClipse preferences.

PovClipse 0.6.0 (2006-Nov-27)

  • Color map editor: color_map statements can be edited in a graphical manner.
  • Code assistant: the completion proposals contains the names of declared objects as well.
  • Code assistant: control characters '.', '*' and '+' limits the completion proposals to keywords, templates or declared names only.
  • Code assistant: the completion proposals are not case sensitive anymore.
  • Povray library path: The library path automatically contains referenced projects as well.
  • Outline view: the keyword scanner finds complete keywords only. Previously the strings a_blob or blob_b were highlighted as blob.
  • Internationalization: PovClipse supports the following languages:
    • English (US) - American style English, the default language
    • English (GB) - Great Britain style English
    • German - German with no localized idiom
  • Sounds: PovClipse plays a sound if:
    • The direct color- or the color_map editor is not opened due to an invalid statement
    • Povray finishes rendering
  • Preferences: The sounds can be configured and turned off as well.
  • Support: Eclipse 3.2.1 is supported.

PovClipse 0.5.0 (2006-Nov-05)

  • Render configuration: PovClipse supports now the COMPLETE set of Povray INI settings:
    • New tab: Shell-Out: Commands & returns for Shell-out to Operating System options
  • PovClipse perspective: PovClipse has now a perspective of its own, laying out the various PovClipse views (Render, Image, Outline and Navigator view)
  • PovClipse editor: A Direct color editor dialog allowing to edit a color statement in graphical way can be opened using the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+C.

PovClipse 0.4.2 (2006-Oct28)

  • Render configuration: New settings for:
    • Image tab: Partial output, Interrupting, Resuming
    • Animation tab: Field rendering
    • New tab: Display Output: Display hardware settings, Display related setting, Mosaic preview
    • New Tab: CPU Utilization Histogram
    • New Tab: Bounding: Automatic Bounding Control, Removing User Bounding)
    • New Tab: Scene Parsing: Povray version, include header file, constant declarations)
  • PovClipse preferences: New setting for the Povray warning level.
  • Bugfix Povray calling: Instead of specifying the Povray options per command line they are written to a Povray INI file, thus avoiding command line length restrictions.
  • Relative file path: the Povray library path can be specified on a per-project base, allowing relative instead of absolute file paths in scene and ini files.
  • Image view:
    • The image name is shown above the image, the name's tooltip tells the full image path.
    • If the image can not be loaded an error message is displayed below a standard "error" image.
  • PovClipse editor templates: New templates for:
    • Standard include files (colors.inc, metals.inc, functions.inc ...)

PovClipse 0.4.1 (2006-Sep-29)

  • Eclipse version: PovClipse supports the Platform Runtime Binary as the minimal version now.
    The SDK version is naturally supported as well.
  • PovClipse editor highlighting:
    • Placing the cursor just behind a brace ({ or }) highlights the brace and the matching starting or ending brace.
    • A double click selects the word just below cursor and highlights all occurrences of the word in the file.
  • PovClipse editor auto typing: When typing the following characters the needed closing characters are inserted automatically: {, <, [ and "
  • PovClipse editor feature - toggle comment: Using the editor shortcut Ctrl+7 toggles the // comment for the actual selection.
  • PovClipse editor templates: New templates for:
    • Color specifications (rgb, rgbf, rgbt, rgbft)
    • Finish (complete, reflection, irid)
    • Patterns (all complex ones, the simple 1-word patterns are covered by the keywords)
  • Bugfix Povray message view: Bug reading the very first character from a Povray console file multiple times eliminated.

PovClipse 0.4.0 (2006-Aug-12)

  • View category: Render View moved from "Other" to "PovClipse" category
  • Image view: Images can be viewed at the image view using the package explorer popup menu. Rendered images will be displayed automatically when rendering completes.
  • Code templates: The code assistant (CTRL + SPACE) also displays the available code templates:
    • Camera
    • Lightsources (Point- Spot-, Cylindrical- and Arealight, Lightgroup)
    • Global settings
    • Athmospheric effects (background, fog, sky_sphere, rainbow)
    • Objects (Finite & Infinite solid primitives, Finite & Infinite patch primitives, Isosurface, Parametric, and CSG)
  • Bugfix: The PovClipse editor does not freeze anymore when a Povray rendering is in progress.

PovClipse 0.3.2 (2006-Jul-31)

  • Editor: Added hoover support for folded areas.
  • Bugfix: Povray output was not shown in render view.

PovClipse 0.3.1

  • Render configuration tree: Deleting a configuration selects the tree root item.
  • Render configuration tree: Selecting the root item hides the configuration details.
  • Logging: All logs are written into file [WORKSPACE]/.metadata/.plugins/com.wm.povclipse/PovClipse.log
  • Help: New "Credits" page.

PovClipse 0.3.0

  • Initial public version

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