Hack: Running Povray 3.7 beta


Povray 3.7 beta has a bug which prevents the usage of the text output consoles.


This hack disables the console outputs by putting comments to the according Povray INI file options.
SED is used for editing the INI file automatically.


  • Windows Platforms

Please not that is not difficult to adapt the script for any Unix platform as well!
If you have written a Unix version, please contribute it to the community by sending it to the PovClipse team (Wolfgang Möstl, wmoestl[AT]web.de), thanks a lot!


This hack was contributed by Vaclav Cermak.


  • Download sed and install it.
  • Download Povray_3_7_beta_wrapper.bat and save it.
  • Edit Povray_3_7_beta_wrapper.bat:
    change the settings for "sed", "pov" and "tmp_dir" according to your needs.
  • Set Povray_3_7_beta_wrapper.bat as your Povray executeable:
    Open the PovClipse preferences (Menu "Window" => "Preferences...", select "PovClipse" and "Renderer" tab) and put the complete path to Povray_3_7_beta_wrapper.bat into the field "Povray executable".

That's it!

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