Editor shortcuts

The PovClipse editor supports a number of standard shortcuts, designed for helping editing the Povray scene file.

Ctrl+Shift+LList all shortcuts: List all available shortcuts (this is context sensitive!)
TabShift right: Shifts every line of the selected text to the right.
Shift+TabShift left: shifts every line of the selected text to the left.
Ctrl+CCopy: Copies the actual selection into the buffer.
Ctrl+VPast: Pasts the buffer into the current selection.
Ctrl+XDelete: Deletes the current selection.
Ctrl+SpaceCode Assist, see Code Assist help page.
Ctrl+7Toggle Comment: Toggles the // comments for the actual selection.
If all lines of the selections starts with // (trailing white spaces are ignored) the // comment is removed from all lines.
If there is at least one line NOT starting with // (trailing white spaces are ignored), then // is inserted at the very beginning of each line.
Ctrl+Shift+COpens the Color editor:, see Direct color editor help page.
Ctrl+Shift+MOpens the Color map editor, see Color map editor help page.
Shift+F2Opens the Povray / MegaPOV help for the word below the cursor, see Renderer offline documentation help page.

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