The PovClipse editor utilizes the standard eclipse Outline view. It structures the Povray scene file, showing the individual sections like declarations, objects, lights...

Code folded

The Outline uses a tree structure to display the cod sections, allowing to see the content of a section, e.g. a union being built using a sphere and a cylinder.


Clicking an entry in the outline lets the editor jump to the corresponding code section.

The outline is automatically updated when the editor does not receive any keystrokes for half a second.


The order of the outline display can be changed using the a-z button. If checked the entries are sorted by their names, otherwise by the occurrence within the file.

Expanding / collapsing the complete tree

Expand all Expands the complete tree. All Sub-level nodes are expanded down to the leaves.

Collapse all Collapses the complete tree. All Sub-level nodes are collapsed, only the main-level entries remain visible.


The content of the Outline tree can be filtered using the Filter icon.

Click on it to open the Outline filter dialog:
Outline filter dialog

The check box "Enable filter" is used to specify whether the filter shall be applied to the outline view or not.
If not checked the tree is not filtered at all, all elements are shown.
If checked the list is activated and the filter can be edited, and the filter will be applied to the Outline view.

The list shows the complete series of elements known by the Outline view.
Select an element to hide it at the Outline view.
The Comment entry is selected by default.

You can use the buttons below the list to select or unselect the complete list at once.

Close the dialog using the "OK" button in order to store the filter settings. If the dialog is closed using the "Cancel" button the existing filter setting is not changed.

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