PovClipse editor hyperlinks

Hyperlinks can be activated by holding the Ctrl key down while moving the mouse pointer over a sensitive area:

activated hyperlink

The hyperlink is activated and is shown using a blue font and underline.

Please note that the hover support is still operational!

When clicking on the hyperlink the declaration is shown and selected:

followed hyperlink
  • If the declaration is within the same file it's scrolled to show the declaration.
  • If the declaration is introduced by an included file the file is opened and scrolled to show the declaration. If the file is already opened the corresponding editor is activated.

Hyperlink sensitive areas

The following code types supports hyperlinks:

  • Name of a #include file: the included file is opened in an editor (if it is already opened the editor is file activated).
  • Macro names: wherever a macro is used the hyperlink jumps to its definition.
  • Declared variables and objects: wherever a declared variable or object is used the hyperlink jumps to the very first declaration.

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