Code Assist

The PovClipse editor provides you with a code assistant, using the standard eclipse key binding Ctrl - SPACE.

A little window is displayed showing a list of suitable keywords, templates or declared variables. Use the "Arrow Up" and "Arrow Down" keys to navigate through the list; "Return" selects the keyword.
Code assist

If there are characters left to the actual cursor position, these characters are taken into account to shrink the proposal list. Only those proposals beginning with the characters left to the cursor will be shown:
Code assist

In this example we have the characters 'de' just right to the cursor, so the code assistant list contains only keywords beginning with 'de'.

There are several special characers allowing to narrow down the proposal list by limiting to keywords, templates or declared object names only:

  • .: lists only keywords
  • *: lists only templates
  • +: lists only declared objects or variables
These characters are stripped away when selecting a proposal from the list.
If we would have '+de' in the example above, only declared object/variable names will appear in the proposal list.

The completion proposals type is indicated by the its icon:
  • Declaration - Declared objects and variables
  • Template - Code templates
  • Keywords - Keywords not being shown in the outline view
  • Everyting else - outline view icons for highlighted keywords

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