PovClipse description

Eclipse PovClipse is an editor plug-in for Eclipse, the open-source IDE.
Please visit the Eclipse homepage for more information.
PovClipse is an editor for Persistence of Vision Raytracer and MegaPOV scene and include files.

PovClipse allows comfortable scene file editing using advanced features like syntax highlighting, code folding or auto completion.

Most of the used features can be fully configured like the syntax highlighting colors or the Povray rendering consoles shown at the PovClipse Render view.

Feature List

as of Version 1.0.1


Syntax Highlighting Syntax Highlighting: Shows keywords, comments and so on using different colors. The colors used can be configured at the PovClipse preference page.
Configurable colors Configurable colors: The colors used by the syntax highlighting are fully configurable using the Eclipse preference page.
Library Path Per Project Library Path settings: The Povray library path can be set on a per-project base, allowing project-relative file path definitions in the scene files.
Code assistant Code assistant: By pressing Ctrl + SPACE you can choose from the list of suggested keywords.
Code templates Code templates: The code assistant (Ctrl + SPACE) also contains the available code templates, cognizable by the template symbol.
Folding Folding: Source code parts can be "folded away", making the Povray scene file more readable.
Outline Outline: The Outline view shows the Povray scene file in a structured way, allowing fast navigation within the scene. Selecting the part of interest in the outline results lets the Povray editor jump to the code identified by the selection.
Color editor Direct color editor: The direct color editor allows to edit color statements in a more visible way. The desired color can be picked using a color chooser dialog, filter and transmit values are supported as well. The color editor is initialized with the color statement below the cursor position, which is changed when confirming the dialog.
Color map editor Color map editor: The color map editor allows to edit color_map statements in a more visible way. The color flow is visualized and the varius entries can be directly manipulated using a sliding mechanism. The color map editor is initialized with the color_map statement below the cursor position, which is changed when confirming the dialog.
Error indications Error indications: Povray SDL warning and error indication marks are drawn for:
  • Included files (error mark)
  • Undeclared variables / object / macro names (error mark)
  • Macros without documentation (warning mark)
Declaration hover Color hover
Information Hovers: Hovers provide additional information for the following items:
  • Included files
  • Folded areas
  • Declared objects (#macro or #declare)
  • rgb[f|t|ft] statement
  • color_map statement
Autosave Auto save: If there are "dirty" editors they can be saved automatically. This feature is configurable using the PovClipse preferences.
Povray 3.6 Help Keyword help reference: The Povray and MegaPOV documentation on keywords (if these features are installed) can be opened by putting the cursor on a keyword and pressing Shift+F2.

Povray launcher

Launcher Launcher configurations: The Povray rendering settings can be stored in a "launcher configuration". Multiple launcher configurations may exist for the very same Povray scene file, allowing rendering the scene in a different resolution, quality, frame setting...
Launcher options Render configuration options: PovClipse supports all Povray v3.6 options:
  • Image resolution (width / height)
  • Image quality
  • Partial output, interrupting and resuming
  • Antialias settings
  • Animation settings (external / internal animation loop, cyclic animation, frame subsets, field rendering)
  • Display output(display hardware settings, display related settings, mosaic preview)
  • CPU utilization histogram (file type, name, size)
  • Bounding (bounding, light & vista buffer)
  • Scene parsing (include header, Povray version, declarations)
  • Shell-out (pre/pose scene, pre/pose file, error & abort)
In addition, the following MegaPOV v1.2.1 options are supported:
  • Image type hdr (High Dynmic Range)
  • Frame step (animation)
Launcher templates Launcher templates: PovClipse supports render configruation templates allowing fast production of similar render configurations.
There is no limit on the number of render configuration templates.

Povray Message View

Render view Povray Messages: The messages created by Povray are shown in a console like view. All Povray consoles can be individually enabled or disabled:
  • Debug console
  • Warning console
  • Fatal console
  • Render console
  • Statistic console
The output of each console is shown using a different background color.

You can jump directly to the line Povray indicates an error by clicking on a line having the magnifier icon at the first column.

Povray Jobs View

Render Jobs view Render Jobs: All render jobs are shown at the table.
  • A job still running can be killed
  • Completed jobs can be removed from the table
  • The table can be sorted by:
    • Start time
    • Finish time
    • Duration
    • Render configuration name
    • Scene file name

PovClipse Image View

Image View View rendered images: The images rendered are shown automatically at the PovClipse image view after rendering.

The images can be zoomed in the rage of 5% to 1000% and can be shifted around using the mouse.

Popup showing images View other images: Beside the rendered images these image types can be viewed as well using the Show Image entry at the Package explorer popup menu.

The following image types are supported:

  • Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG / JPG)
  • Portable Anymap (PBM / PGM / PPM)
  • Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
  • Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
  • Sun Raster (RAS)
  • Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)
  • Targa-24 (TGA), with or without alpha channel
  • High Dynmic Range (HDR)
  • Windows Bitmap (BMP)
  • Amiga Interchange File Format (IFF / LBM)
  • Adobe Photoshop (PSD)
  • Icons (ICO)

Project management

Project import Project management includes:
  • Project creation wizard
  • Project folder layout (folders for SDL, data, output, library files)
  • Project export
  • Project import
  • Project deletion


  PovClipse speaks the following Languages:
  • English GB English (Great Britain)
  • English US English (US)
  • French French
  • German German
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Spanish Spanish


Help Update check: PovClipse checks on startup if there is a newer than the installed version available.
If a newer version is found a dialog box is shown at startup giving an upgrade hint.
The checkbox "Do not check for newer versions..." can be used to prevent PovClipse from performing the update verification. If set once the examination can be reactivated using the "Check for newer version" checkbox at the preference page.


Help Online Help A complete PovClipse online help is available using the standard Eclipse help browser.
Povray 3.6 Help Povray 3.6 documentation The Povray documentation can be installed by an optional package. When installed the Povray documentation on keywords can be opened by putting the cursor on a keyword and pressing Shift+F2.
MegaPOV 1.2.1 Help MegaPOV 1.2.1 documentation The MegaPOV documentation can be installed by an optional package. When installed the MegaPOV documentation on keywords can be opened by putting the cursor on a keyword and pressing Shift+F2.

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